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Mattress Protectors

LITTLE TURTLE BABY’S Fitted Mattress Protectors are made with a quilted cotton top for maximum comfort for your baby, and a waterproof barrier to protect your mattress.

Available in 4 sizes (January 2023):

SMALL BASSINET Fitted Sheet (80x50x12cm)
Large Rectangle Bassinet Fitted Sheet (91x54x20cm)
Circle Bassinet Fitted Sheet (70cm diameter x 25cm deep)
Oval Cot Fitted Sheet (125x70x25cm)

SOLD OUT: back in stock later in 2023:
Rectangle Cot Fitted Sheet (132x77x19cm)

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      1. LARGE RECTANGLE Bassinet - Fitted Mattress Protector (91x54x20cm)
      2. CIRCLE Bassinet - Fitted Mattress Protector
      3. OVAL Cot - Fitted Mattress Protector


      • Every time a friend has a baby - I look no further than Little Turtle Baby to buy a gift. No other shopping required! The products are beautiful and the customer service is amazing!


      • I love these products!! Great quality and they look so gorgeous.


      • I’m very happy I found your store because others don’t have the cute designs that you do. Having a circle bassinet and oval cot, it’s been hard to find nice ones. The fitted mattress protector are the best too!

        Sarah H

      • We love our LTB hooded towel - the thickest, fluffiest and cosiest one we have by far AND IT PRETTY MUCH NEVER GETS PUT BACK IN THE DRAWER BUT GETS WASHED AND PUT BACK IN THE BATHROOM FOR USE.

        Rachel P

      • We love Little Turtle Baby! They have been great. I am constantly recommending to friends, especially to those with similar circle bassinet/oval cots like ours, as it’s soo hard to find sheets for those brands. Great service, great products.

        Claire L

      • I love your products and everyone who has them loves them too!!

        Linda C